Time to open them up

It’s 63 degrees outside. I’m inside. I’ve got my knee propped up after knee surgery.

But, it’s too nice out there, and I’m going to have to go out and make a hive inspection.

I only have the one hive left after having lost my other one to swarming last summer. As of about a week ago, there were a couple of bees flying around.

Probably the first thing to look for are eggs and larvae when opening the hive. That would definitely tell me if there’s a queen about. I’d say to actually look for the queen, too, but I haven’t had much luck spotting queens.

Beverlybees.com also had a good post on How to Autopsy a Honey Bee Colony. It would probably work as a good inspection resource for spring, too. Tomorrow I figure I’m ready to hobble up to the hive.

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